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Solarite South Africa the solar power company


SolarWorld Africa is part of the SolarWorld Group, one of the largest solar companies worldwide.

Steca Elektronik

as a leading supplier of products for the solar electronics industry, Steca sets the international standard for

the regulation and control of solar energy systems.

Eco Green Energy Group

is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of renewable energy devices from China.


is among the world's leading manufacturers of solar-powered charge controllers and components for autonomous power supply.

Frans Cronje company director of Solarite South Africa and Mail Data Exchange.

Solaire Direct

Solairedirect Southern Africa is a subsidiary of the Solairedirect Group, the largest privately owned solar power producer in France.


Morningstar Corporation is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters, with over 2.5 million units installed in over 112 countries.

Outback Power system

is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power, marine and mobile applications.


South African based manufacturer.

Welcome to Solarite South Africa


Solarite South Africa provides affordable, reliable solar solutions to residential and commercial industries in South Africa and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).  By focusing on excellent  customer service, high quality installation work, and only the best approved quality products, our company has survived the ups and downs of the solar industry since 2005.


We understand that superior customer service is a priority. Our knowledgeable employees understand the importance of a relationship. We work closely with you throughout your entire solar experience to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and the final result exceeds your expectations.


We use our solar knowledge and expertise to choose efficient, reliable products that will stand the test of time.  Going Solar with Solarite is easy.  We take care of you during every step of the way for a seamless transition to solar energy.


Solarite South Africa is a member of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa and also a member of the International Solar Energy Society which is a global alliance.





In 1992 Helios Power (Pty) Ltd started the first photovoltaic module factory in Centurion, South Africa.  The company later change the name to Liselo (Pty) Ltd and the factory eventually closed down in March 2005.


As a result of the closed down of the photovoltaic module factory, 13 years of manufacturing and development skills, knowledge, and expertise merged into a new company called Solarite South Africa (Pty) Ltd.  Today, 22 years later the experience, management and staff at Solarite South Africa continues to deliver professional services through the provision of excellent solar technologies and using only the best proven and approved systems.



Company Mission Statement:

To be a complete Renewable Energy company that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turn-key solar energy systems.   Solarite's goal is to provide it's customers with efficient and effective solutions to reduce energy related costs by providing high quality, innovative products. Our products provide alternate energy sources and improve energy efficiencies in existing environments.




Solarite South Africa recognize both individuals and businesses to reduce the cost of energy and at the same time reducing their carbon footprint.  Solarite South Africa will strive to deliver world class solar solutions in terms of quality, price and performance.  Solarite South Africa will Partner with the world’s best solar companies for delivering the best quality products.




specializes in manufacturing of inverters, power supplies and battery chargers and is based in Taiwan.

Victron Energy

is a supplier in Hybrid Power Solutions and is based in the Netherlands.

Deltec Power Distributors

is a leading distributor of a wide variety of high quality imported maintenance-free batteries.

Exide Batteries South Africa

is a leading range of locally manufactured batteries in South Africa, offering unsurpassed reliability and performance.



First National Battery



idevelops and manufactures battery chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries for both private and professional use.


Sinetech - OmniPower

is a leading direct importer and supplier of Power Protection, Power Conversion, Power Distribution and Renewable Energy products.

Mean Well Enterprises

is a leading manufacturer of standard switching power supplies.



Royal Batteries

Hague Quality Water Inter.

The WaterMax® MaxPack®, designed and manufactured by Hague Quality Water International, is a water treatment and Reverse Osmosis combination system that eliminates offensive tastes and odors to provide customers with the highest quality water possible.

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