The inverter size you choose depends on the power in watts (or current in amps) of the appliance/equipment you want to run...

Solar cells are inter-connected in a matrix to form a module. One solar cell produces electricity at a voltage of approximately 0.5 volt at room temperature, so 36 cells connected together in a module produce enough voltage to charge a 12-volt battery.

Most people understand that the sun gives life to all things on this planet through its light and heat, but the sun also produces many other things. The process of solar energy began in the center of the sun, almost a million years ago.

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A charge controller’s main function is to optimize a PV array’s output which can fluctuate based on shading and temperature variables found on the average roof.

Deep cycle, Long life, High quality, High cycle batteries for Solar use.

Global horizontal irradiation is the most important parameter for evaluation of solar energy potential of a particular region and the most basic value for PV simulations.

A stand alone system is typically used when there is no public electricity power available. This type of system is fully independent of the power grid and therefore there is no interaction whatsoever with the power grid.

Solarite provides affordable, reliable solar solutions for homeowners and businesses in South Africa and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).  By focusing on excellent  customer service, high quality installation work, and only the best approved quality products, our company has survived the ups and downs of the solar industry since 1993.

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